Essay: Relationship of Children and Parents in The Veldt

Sample Essay

When considered in the perspective of the children however, it is clear that the children begin to submit to the temptations of the Happy-life Home system and begin to prefer it more than they would desire the affection of their parents. They grow to despise their parents when the parents demand that the family goes on a vacation (Bradbury, 2006). They begin to wish that their parents would no longer be a part of their lives and their preference for the virtual reality equipped nursery grows. Upon the parents’ insistence, the children resort to the most extreme of measures to maintain their relationship with the house and the nursery and have the parents slain by the nursery.

They choose to remove their parents from their path and continue to lead their lives as if no change had taken place. They allow their relationship with the nursery grows to such an extreme that they never feel the loss of their parents and never regret having to live without them. The children choose to replace their parents with the nursery (Bradbury, 2006). While their initial concerns were seemingly completely natural when the parents insisted to go on a vacation, the absence of the parents appeared to have no affect on them once the parents had been slain by the nursery and the children were free to indulge themselves in it.

It is extremely necessary to note that the Veldt was written in the 1950s at a time when the television was steadily and gradually replacing parents in the day to day lives of children. Children would remain riveted to the television and the desire to follow Sci-Fi based stories was stronger than the desire to be loved by their parents.

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