Essay: Relationship between Kidney Diseases and Diabetes

Sample Essay

Brief synopsis: The research highlights the significance of the possible relationship between kidney diseases and diabetes.  The research incorporated an assessment of Blood Pressure measurement modalities, role of the deficiency of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, prevalence and convenience of self and home based blood pressure measurement, and the significance of pharmacological treatment of hypertension in cases pertaining to Diabetic Kidney Disease (Steigerwalt, 2008).

The research established that in order for hypertension to be kept under control, the most essential requirement existed in the form of coordination between the patient, the primary provider of care, the nephrologists and the endocrinologist treating the patient. The research also concluded that patients who actively engage in coordination measures with their families and agree to modify their lifestyles in collaboration with their healthcare providers, the risk of Cardiovascular Disease development deteriorates significantly.

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