Essay: Research on Transgender Community

Sample Essay

The research shall attempt to make use of a total of one hundred (100) men out of whom fifty (50) shall belong to the transgender community while fifty (50) shall belong to the gay community. The participants shall be identified by making use of the survey questionnaire.

Research Instruments & Approaches

In light of the varying nature of researches that are carried out, it comes as no surprise that there modern day research has evolved significantly. Research methodologies can be classified into two distinct approaches, the Quantitative Approach and the Qualitative Approach, each of which deals with different types of research (Kothari, 2005).

Quantitative Approach

The quantitative approach is one that is generally brought into use in cases where the variables pertaining to the research being carried out are of a quantitative nature and can be expressed, compared and analyzed through numerical facts and figures (Tesch, 1990). The quantitative approach involves precise observation and expression of magnitudes and generally incorporates the application of statistical instruments on the observed findings. Commonly used data collection instruments in the case of quantitative approaches include close-ended questionnaires and other similar instruments. In the case of quantitative research, the number of variables to be researched upon is generally known and the evaluation carried out is one that is meant to determine trends, patterns and similar behavioral characteristics in the system being studied.

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