Essay: The Revenger’s Tragedy

Sample Essay

The play that is the center of attention for this paper is:

The Revenger’s Tragedy, which was initially believed to have been written by Cyril Tourneur but is now accredited to Thomas Middleton and is believed to have been written around 1607. The introduction and summary of the play has already been presented above. The following paragraphs will present an insight into the play from numerous perspectives and shall attempt to delve into the numerous intricacies of the play in a manner that tests the thesis of this paper.
Over time, there have been numerous tragedies in the realm of English literature, but very few have been ones that have elaborated upon the theme of tragedy as the two plays under discussion have. The thesis of this paper is that in certain circumstances, one finds that one is confronted with an opponent that is far more powerful than one’s self, and the only way to destroy the stronger opponent is to lure it closer and use one’s self as bait while being ready to pay the price of revenge with one’s one life it the need arises.

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