Essay: Richard Rorty’s opinion on why academia should be patriotic

Sample Essay

According to Richard Rorty, academia should be patriotic because making academia so allows the country to develop so that its inhabitants can take pride in it. It allows the country to rejoice and celebrate the achievements of its past and the struggles for those that it sought (Rorty, 1994). Rorty believes that by maintaining academia in a patriotic frame of reference, a foundation is made in the student’s mind through which the student learns to recognize victories for their relevance and their role in society alongside the failures in the history of the nation.

Rotry highlights the role of left-wing politicians and intellectuals as he notes that “a left that refuses to take pride in its country will have no impact on that country’s politics, and will eventually become an object of contempt” (Rorty, 1994). This statement by Rotry can be taken as the fundamental concept behind which he has based his article. Richard Rotry argues that in the event that academia is maintained unpatriotic, those who study it are deprived of the glory and pride that national tradition entails. Rotry believes that by ensuring patriotism in literature, students can be taught the relevance of realizing their “shared national identity” (Rorty, 1994).

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