Essay: Roman Fever & Janus

Sample Essay

The following paragraphs shall attempt to present a comparison between two plays. The first being Roman Fever by Edith Wharton which was first published in 1934, and the second being Janus by Ann Beattie (Wharton). The paper shall contrast the two stories and shall attempt to find similarities and dissimilarities that exist in them. The thesis statement for this paper is that even though these two stories may focus on two distinct scenarios and where both may have a differing set of characters, both show the reader how the quest for happiness can lure a person to becoming something that the people around them could have never imagined they would become.

Roman Fever by Edith Wharton is a story of deception, a story of two intersecting lives, very different yet in some small way connected. This story incurs passion, envy, jealousy, deception and love into the very threads of its meaning. The story is based on two friends each deceiving the other at some point down the line. The story revolves around these two ladies and their respective daughters (Beattie). From the beginning it seems that the only one of these ladies is the deceiver, but by the end of the story it becomes increasingly apparent that both the ladies even though being friends deceive each other over the matter of a man to the extent that while one is engaged to the man the other has an affair with same man and produces an illegitimate child from the union. This shows the height of deception between what at the surface appears to be friendship but beneath the still waters, an element of deception that is damaging lies hidden.

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