Essay: Rowlandson’s ways of representing Native Americans

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Compare and contrast: Bradford’s and Rowlandson’s ways of representing Native Americans
Mary Rowlandson’s perception of the Native Americans is one that is shaped by the days of slavery that she spent as a captive, hostage and working woman for the Native Americans. Littered with religious dichotomies, her narrations in The Sovereignty and Goodness of God speak of how Native Americans appear to be a reflection of the untamed and savage world in which they thrive.
In comparison to these Native American wolves, the Puritans are naïve, cultured and disciplined lambs, a viewpoint which evolves over the course of her tale. In his writings from Of Plymouth Plantation, William Bradford provides a series of historically accurate narrations regarding the Pilgrims upon their arrival to the Americas, colored only by his own perceptions. In contrast to Rowlandson’s view of the Native Americans, Bradford’s viewpoint appears to be relatively domesticated and much more accepting. In order to establish the authenticity of this statement, the paper shall verify how the views of Rowlandson and Bradford differ radically from each other in terms of their perceptions of Native Americans.

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