Essay: Science Fiction as My Favorite Movie Genre

Sample Essay

What genre of movie do you prefer to watch, and why? What cravings does this type of movie satisfy?

Since the release of German director Fritz Lang’s creation Metropolis science fiction has come forward leaps and bounds. Not only has this genre provided us with some of the greatest films in the last century. But it continues to innovate, surprise and push the boundaries of what is possible in filmmaking. This is why the genre I most prefer to watch is Science Fiction.

While it is true, that I enjoy watching films from several genres, from action to thrillers to dramas to documentaries. Science fiction is one genre which combines all of these different film types into one giant melting pot and provides an experience which is more than the sum of its parts. Some of the greatest films and filmmakers in our history have made entire careers in this films realm. Long considered to be two of the greatest directors in the world Steven Spielberg and James Cameron have both provided some of the greatest films in history. Films such as E.T, Terminator 2 and Close encounters of the third kind have not only enthralled and entertained audiences for many years but have also gained accolades for the genre and pushed special effects and filmmaking techniques to new heights.

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