Essay: Seldom Silent Never Heard

Sample Essay

The Internet, movies and television are responsible for the distorted images about the people with the Tourette syndrome. The entertainment industry always presents people with Tourettes as misfits, very few have understanding for such people, the Quincy, M.E. ‘Seldom Silent, Never Heard’ was the correct representation of Tourette’s syndrome many people with tics recognized their symptoms and got a correct diagnosis other shows that helped to advance true information about Tourette’s are L. A. Law, The Practice and 7th Heaven.

Several documentaries have been made to depict accurate symptoms and the need for understanding and support for such people, though some shows have been labeled as exploiting the syndrome, some talk shows as the ‘Oprah Winfrey show’ focused on accurate portrayal of people with Tourette syndrome. The Tics disorders can only be managed by knowledge, education, and understanding and recognizing Tourette syndrome in the people suffering with, control management is the solution to the Tics problem, educating the family is the main strategy for treatment and sometimes only that is enough.

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