Essay: Selling of American Empire

Sample Essay

This was observed to be most common when a montage would show the implications of an event in a flash-back. Furthermore, almost half the interviews in the documentary were shot in a close-up shot in order to assert the statements being given by the interviewees. The independent movie was one that appeared to have been subjected to a respectable quality of editing and cinematography. The documentary also employed lighting and composition that remained in a serious and somber tone through almost every interview shown.
Fundamentally, the narrator successfully shows the audience how the war on terrorism was motivated more by the politics of fear than it was by the desire to preserve peace and justice. Furthermore, it was felt that the documentary, while somewhat along the lines of one attempting to present a conspiracy theory, was one that was highly intriguing in its presentation of evidence. It was observed during the viewing of the documentary that the documentary was attempting to balance its focus as it fluctuated between the actual act of going to war and the philosophy that was adopted behind it.

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