Essay: What is Sentimental Civic Education

Sample Thesis Paper

Civic Sentimental Education is the name of Callan’s perspective on Galston’s approach toward civic education. Through this approach Callan believes sentimental civic education tends to take on a note that is far more conservative than is fundamentally required from education. While appreciating Galston’s utilization of the theory of liberal democracy, Callan expresses that by providing students with sentimental civic education, an over estimation shall be exercised with regard to the degree to which coming generations wish to be exposed to the rationale behind “the political institutions they inherit and sustain” (Callan, 1994). It is imperative to highlight that Callin’s agreement with Mark Jefferson on the perceived limits of what can be considered to be sentimental plays a significant role in this regard.

Callin argues against the provision of sentimental civic education on the grounds that the essence behind the provision of education of such nature has been in practice since the nineteenth century and has contributed significantly in shaping minds to be comfortable and adjusted to the current setup of political institutions (Callan, 1994). It is evident that Callins considers the distribution of sentimental civic education to be a jeopardization of the liberty held by groups and individuals in society to raise arguments against political policies and institutions that they consider to be worthy of subjecting to change.

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