Essay: Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Sample Essay

One can see how hamlet refers to the death and its intricacies as the undiscovered country because of the perplexity with which he perceives it. He refers to death as a place of which nobody can gain awareness of without going to by his own self and where one goes only once and never comes back again once one has left. At the same time, hamlet’s doubt and the tinge of fear that lies deep within his heart compels him to refer to his inability to take actions that he desires to take as his incapability to fly.

Further on, one can see how hamlet perceives the courage that he holds when he states that:

“The native hue of resolution is sicklied o’er with the pale cast of thought” (Shakespeare and Timmins).

The color of red or any other color that is of a dark sharp tone is known for fearless valor and courage, however, hamlet refers to a pale color and in doing so, refers to the perplexity that plagues his mind and causes him to consider himself as a man who has grown week and is finding it difficult to continue the quest on which he had set out on. Considering the above elaborations of excerpts from Hamlet, it is evident that Shakespeare’s prince Hamlet is indeed a simple everyday man forced into a position where he has to turn his life around for the sake of his quest.

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