Essay: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet versus Sophocles’s Antigone

Sample Essay

Romeo and Juliet is perhaps one of Shakespeare’s most well known and renowned of plays. It is story of love’s attempts to unite and bring together two lovers who can fathom nothing else but their love (Shakespeare). In Romeo and Juliet, we see two lovers bent on becoming one and spending the rest of their lives together. We can see lovers wanting nothing more from the world other than each other close by and wanting to have no part of the world.

We see tradition clash with love and we see love struggle to survive as it is faced continuously with the boundaries of tradition and the boundaries of social customs. In Romeo and Juliet, the audience sees a world that is directed heavily by customs and traditions and the role the wonders that the seed of love can give birth to in the most confined and constricted of societies. Romeo and Juliet shows two opposing families come face to face as the seed of love takes root in the most unlikely of circumstances and the inevitability of the growth of love stares them in the face (Cahn).  In Romeo & Juliet, one can see how love manages to sustain itself even if it is alone in its desire to live in peace and harmony so that it can celebrate its existence without bringing harm to any external elements of society. One can see that even though love’s desires may be innocent, they are still strong in their foundation and will not choose to stop under any condition. Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet shows how love chooses to stay alive even if it appears to have perished in the eyes of the world. To be together in death is a decision that Romeo and Juliet both take individually and we can see the extent of faith that love instills in the hearts that choose to live by the depths of commitment and dedication that it has to offer.

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