Essay: Shift Work

Sample Essay

There are over two hundred million employees in the United States alone engaged actively in Shift Work. There are numerous issues that pertain to working in shifts. This paper shall attempt to briefly highlight these issues and their implications.

Shift working results in very little time to sleep and rest, hence depriving shift working employees from fully replenishing their energy stores. This causes employees to slowly and steadily exhaust (Better Health Channel , 2008). In addition, obstructions such as the exposure to day/night noises during the time allotted to sleep can make it all the more sleep adequately in the time allotted.

One of the most profound and widely addressed issues pertaining to shift work is that of the adjustment of circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm of a body is the body’s biochemical process through which the body becomes accustomed to sleep and activity timings in a twenty four hour cycle. If an employee’s work timings are changed, the circadian rhythm attempts to adapt to the changed cycle. However, in the event that the circadian rhythm fails to adapt to the new regime, possible implications can come forth in the form of numerous health related problems (Better Health Channel , 2008). The circadian clock tends to go against late night shifts that span around twelve hours or longer, causing the employees to experience adverse conditions for blood pressure, brain activity, heart rate and other vital signs. As a combined result, the employee is put into further pressure because of decreased productivity on account of the inability to function adequately.

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