Essay: Significance of Science Fiction Genre

Sample Essay

The primary reason why I love watching such films is because of the storylines. It is true that science fiction films are primarily seen as vehicles which push special effects technology to its limits. It is the storylines within these films that give it its heart and keep viewers coming back to them again and again. It may be true that in many ways there are no original ideas left in films. Today several films which are shown to the public are merely stories which are being retold in a different medium. There are very few films out there which can provide an original viewing experience for movie goers. Science Fiction provides such an experience, not only does science fiction storytelling allows filmmakers to touch on topics such as racism, technological progress, global warming and others. It also allows them to present these issues in a manner which does not harm the audience’s sensibilities.

The genre allows for several cravings to be satisfied. Because films simply have to delve into technological fantasy, science fiction allows filmmakers to mix and match any genre within it. The film Serenity made by Joss Whedon mixed the genres of action, science fiction and westerns into a product which provided heart stopping action, comedy and a brilliant story. Science fiction has also delved into horror, thrillers and drama. The genre was also the first which pioneered the use of the green screen for special effects which has been used in several other genres since then to provide nonstop entertainment for audiences around the world and bring previously unfeasible environments to life.

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