Essay: Significance of Winnie the Pooh Story

Sample Essay

The pictures provided within the book are bright, colorful and only add to the immersion and fun factor for the children.  Though the way the book is presented and written with its read aloud status ensures that children can follow the book regardless of the pictures provided, thus the pictures themselves merely add to the experience of the book. There is also an undercurrent of kindness and friendship which is constantly promoted throughout the book which further engages the group dynamic which is important at this age.

Critics say that this book is essential reading for any child and I absolutely agree with this statement. They say that the images and stories provided in this book will enrich the lives of children and provide them with wonderful childhood images. The message, the characters and the settings all provide a wonderful tale which is be told to children again and again. The book is told in a childish way which is not overly done. There is a rudimentary logic present throughout which is important for children at this age and the characters on offers have their own personalities which let children identify with them. The story is important because it offers a fable based on the understanding and thought processes of children while encouraging important character traits. It also encourages creativity on the part of children and also encourages them to find real world solutions by working together. This book is wholeheartedly recommended.

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