Essay: Similarities between The Stolen Party and The Incident

Sample Essay

From the analysis of the poem The Incident by Countee Cullen and The Stolen Party by Liliana Heker, we can infer that racial discrimination and social discrimination may be dissimilar in their origins where one might be present because of economic conditions and the other might be present because of cultural occurrences.

But we cannot deny the fact that they both share a similarity in the fact that they both are elements that are of the most harmful nature to hearts that are young (Mash and Terdal) since they are concoctions of minds that are twisted and have no mercy and are highly selfish and self centered. Liliana Heker’s The Stolen Party comes as proof of this fact as well as the coldness that can be seen in Countee Cullen’s The Incident. In both scenarios, the price of conflict between the classes and races of society was reimbursed the most dearly by the breaking of innocent hearts and young tears that had hardly to do with the conflict in the first place.

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