Essay: Similarity Between Antigone and Romeo and Juliet

Sample Essay

However, there is one element that both Antigone and Romeo and Juliet appear to have in common. This similarity lies in the fact that in both plays, there is a considerable appearance of rebellion in the lead characters. One cannot deny the fact that the act of rebellion performed by Antigone in the play Antigone as well as the act of rebellion performed by the two lovers in Romeo & Juliet is perhaps the underlying root of the plot.

Was it not for Antigone’s decision to go against Creon and attempt to bury her brother’s body, Creon’s decisions to follow may have been completely different from those that occurred. A majority of Creon’s actions in Antigone were motivated by emotion and frustration through the course of the play. This element is apparent in Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet as well where the very foundation of the twist in the play can be found in Romeo’s desire to go to a ball to which he is otherwise not allowed to attend on grounds of the enmity between the Montague’s and the Capulet’s.

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