Essay: Social Work Practice with Regards to Elderly

Sample Essay

Social work practice in regards to the elderly involves the use of resources to provide the elderly with the resources to not only live a comfortable and happy life, but also to empower themselves through education, psychological support or any other resources. Not only do social institutions provide jobs for elderly individuals which allow them to live fully functional lives and to die in dignity.

They also provide social workers who come to their homes and involve them in various activities and spend time with them. These workers aid the elderly in solving issues related to family, finances, health care, politics, etc. There are also several nursing homes which have been opened up by institutions for both, elders who are normal citizens and the elderly with a criminal record. These homes provide areas where the elderly can spend the rest of their days in relative peace and are looked after by trained health care professionals (Holosko & Feit, 2004).

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