Essay: Software Selection

Sample Essay

Before proceeding with the discussion, it is imperative to note that the applications selected and discussed in this paper were selected through the establishment and implementation of criteria. Since the introduction of Smart Phones in the market, numerous applications have come forth and the development in this area has undergone an extensive increase in the last few years. Because of this reason, there are currently countless applications in the market. Each application promises to provide the best possible service as their vendors compete aggressively to acquire the market.

It is imperative to note that while there may be a large number of smart phone applications available in the market, a share of these applications pertains to business development. However, in the course of the selection of applications for this paper, it was ensured that the application was one that

  • The smart phone application should allow exporting and importing of data
  • The smart phone application should support internet connectivity
  • The smart phone application should allow the user to choose between a centralized or a decentralized data storage and usage interface
  • The smart phone application should be user friendly
  • The vendor of the smart phone application should provide after-sales-service in the form of customer support.

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