Essay: Speeches given in Plato’s Symposium

Sample Essay

However the truly remarkable speeches given in the symposium are of course by Aristophanes and Socrates. Though Plato perhaps intentionally distances Aristophanes credibility in this subject matter while building up Socrates, Aristophanes explanation of how love is merely a response of two individuals who simply wish to complete each other is both beautiful and insightful. However the true face of this night is of course Socrates who not only shows how the true face of love is the ultimate attainment of equality and wisdom. But also does so in the voice of a woman. Women at the time were considered to be below men in terms of status.

In terms of how Plato has written the book it is truly remarkable how much he has endeavored to ensure that the book is both historically accurate and realistic. Not only that but he has presented what is essentially a story contained within a story. This creates a space for the author to disperse his foundry of knowledge and to build his philosophies. It is an incredible book which gives a peek into the minds of the greatest philosophers of that time without being entangled in the intricacies of scholarly ideas. He succeeds in communicating the true form of love is not easily separated from the sensual form that is so pervasive in society. That it may even possibly be considered the spiritual essence. He points to the highest good which freeing ourselves from the physicality of this world and choosing our partners with a sense of inner freedom that only comes from accepting the goodness and virtue of love and attain happiness in the process.

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