Essay: Star Trek as a Science Fiction

Sample Essay

Even two of the best films released this year are firmly in the science fiction category. Star Trek is a movie which is the continuation of a long standing franchise which started back in 1966. Not only was this series one of the first of its kind to broach subjects such as racism and the dangers of technology. It was also the first series to feature an interracial kiss on network television, a historical landmark.

The film continues this tradition and provides one of the best films this year. The other film is District 9 made by filmmaker Neill Blomkamp is one which not only provides one of the best dramatic action films this year, but also provides a candid look at the issue of apartheid (Lee). It is also worth noting that transformers 2: revenge of the fallen is another film released this year which made over 800 million dollars and became one of the highest grossing films in the world (Box Office Mojo).

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