Essay: The Stolen Party by Liliana Heker

Sample Essay

The Stolen Party is a highly prominent contribution to literature made by Liliana Heker. Over time, there have been numerous attempts made by authors to step into the realm of literature that pertains to the interaction between different classes of society. There have been instances where authors have chosen to go against the ever increasing degree of isolation. They have attempted to show that the discrimination exists not only between the numerous classes of society but is also encouraged by the behavior that the people of these social classes choose to adopt towards the degree of isolation and segmentation.

Liliana Heker’s The Stolen Party is perhaps one of such pieces of literature that is not only sincere in its meaning but also highly moving. This comes from the fact that the author has chosen to develop the plot based upon the antics and experiences of a small young girl who is in the prime of her innocence. She knows nothing of the cold harsh brutality with which social classes are divided in society. The author Liliana Heker begins by introducing the reader to the lead character Rosaura who is bent upon going to the birthday party of the child whose mother employs her mother as the maid of the house (Heker and Manguel).

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