Essay: The Story of The Awakening

Sample Essay

When submitted to treatment like this for the whole of one’s life, one becomes dependent on this sort of dominance, and in turn becomes powerless to make one’s own decisions. The inability to perform of one’s own accord recedes in face of dependency and extreme lack of control. Free will fades into performance like a puppet adhering to the decisions of the puppeteer. The result is that the victim of dominance snaps and defiance emerges. The ultimate liberation is in the acts of disobedience. Defiance is a normal symptom of induced suppression. A common example would be the stretching of a rubber band, it’ll only go as far as its limit and then there will come a time when it is no longer flexible and must snap as the tension is too much for it to bear. The same goes for a victim of suppression she will only bend to the oppressor’s will as far as her limits allow, the minute that invisible line is crossed, her ability to obey recedes in face of a new composure, that is defiance and the will to disobey.

Ms. Chopin has referred to the fact that after defiance sets in, the victim looks for a way out, and the only outlet she finds is art, it is only here that she can escape to a world of utter freedom, passion and emotion. These were the sensations of which she was devoid before. Art provides temporary respite from the utter isolation imposed on her by the society and her spouse for her misdemeanors. She is left alone, with no one to turn to and the only escape is through the various colors of the Art world that entertain her, and fill her empty life.

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