Essay: Story of the Movie Milk

Sample Essay

When watching Milk, one cannot help but feel that sometimes, society does not give due credit to some of the people who very rightfully deserve it.  The movie helps the audience to see how one sometimes chooses to put their own selves in a condition where there is no way back and how one willingly pays the price for going against the norms and trends that society is not very willing to accept. The movie serves to set the audience thinking about the numerous other oppressions that prevail in our society and how we pass by them every day, ignoring them simply because of the comfort that we find in the repose of lying to ourselves.

Half way through the movie, one begins to feel that there is a strong sense of sincerity that the creators of the movie held with the theme of the movie. It would not be unjustified to concur that there is a strong sense of commitment that can be seen in the effort that the actors, directors and producers put in the making of this movie. The movie proceeds by providing a sincere yet pure look into the tale of a man who dedicated his life to the beliefs that he held and makes one realize that it may be common to find a mob of people protesting against a much stronger entity and dedicating their time to the desire to attain their rights, but it is highly rare to find a single man, standing up against some of the strongest powers of his time, and raising his voice in his quest for the attainment of his rights.

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