Essay: Stratification of the Modern Day Society

Sample Essay

This was a high class white collared working class patronized brothel that played a major role in the corruption increase at the time. With no attempt to shield its clandestine affairs, the patrons and prostitutes alike, were very aware of the power of their sexuality and flaunted it openly. Intoxication was a major source of their shamelessness. After all they had to be coherent to be aware of the compromising situation they were in.


It is apparent from the discussion that social stratification in the modern day society tends to mutate into an alternate form during the night time (Loudon & Bitta, 2001). This form is one that is extensively different in its social perceptions of gender and attempts to harden the barriers and increase the degree of isolation present between different social classes. It was evident in the observations made that the stratification is one that is tends to go against feminism.

Also, with regard to gender inequalities, it is evident that there is a significant under-crediting of the role of women in society. In this social stratification structure in particular, it was evident that women are being treated as an object in this particular night-time form of society.

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