Essay: Stressful Mindset

Sample Essay

I believe that I use my interpersonal relationships as a form of stress management. I have become more and more dependent on my interactions with the people in my life. This in turn has caused me to abandon my work in favor of reducing everyday pressures. In order to rectify this I believe that the inclusion of these individuals in these everyday mundane tasks will not only aid me in reducing the time I am practically required to spend with them. But also give me a greater opportunity to find other ways to reduce my stress levels and gain a greater focus over my objectives and accomplish them.

I also believe that I should find more ways to effectively manage my stress levels. As I find that I cannot perform in extremely stressful situations it is better for me to be in an environment which can allow me to prosper without acting as a hindrance on my natural abilities. I must endeavor to accept the stressful activities that are a part of being a university student and work towards developing a more positive attitude towards my future prospects.

In conclusion I believe that though the mechanisms of society are responsible for the stress we experience in everyday life. We are equally responsible for our stressful mindset due to a lack of coping mechanisms that prevent us from being more productive and happy in our lives. If we simply find ways of managing these stressful situations and also keep the focal points of our existence. Our lives will not only be more productive, they will also inevitably lead us to being happier.

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