Essay: Something New Under the Sun

Sample Essay

In Something New Under the Sun, J. R. McNeill argues that there is a significant degree of danger that looms in the shadows of the rapid development of social infrastructure and that even though the twentieth century man has plotted out a vast expanse of programs and prospects for the coming future, there remains the fact that for every plan made for an exponential increase in maturity for any region of infrastructural development also brings with it an equivalent number of side-effects that do not decrease in any manner upon being ignored1. However, the author does not seem to be discouraging the aspect of continues and aggressive growth but appears to be of the opinion that the plans for development and the continuous growth is completely rational in light of the same.

The author argues that the twentieth century man has made an almost complete transformation in which he no longer relies on an economic functioning infrastructure that is based on coal and wood but has come to a point where the human race is almost completely reliant upon nothing other than fuel. The author presents quite a history of the implications that have been reflected upon man’s environment as man has chosen to adapt to rising changes with the passage of time. In the author’s eyes, every addition that man makes to the regulation of his environment in order to harness better productivity out of the environment brings certain implications with it that cannot be ignored and these implications are of a nature that may become apparent only in the long run, but do take effect in the bigger picture.

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