Essay: Titanic the Invincible Ship

Sample Essay

However, when watching the movie, it is clear that the movie focuses on the perception that the titanic was considered to be an invincible ship and there was no force of nature that could sink it. The ship was presented as a monument to man’s conquest upon the forces of nature and there were regular instances where the magnanimous proportions of the ship were highlighted. Having built the reputation of the ship to such an extreme height, it comes as no surprise that the audience is left riveted when this monument to man’s power upon nature crumbles and perishes into the depths of the ocean. When the ship actually sinks, putting aside the fictional story that was woven into it, the sequence of events that pertained to the lifeboats and the rescue teams from nearby ships contributes to questions rising in the mind of the audience about the ordeal that the actual victims of the titanic must have gone through and how they must have felt when they sank to their deaths (Bergfelder and Street).

We can therefore conclude that the role of the mythical and archetypal aspects of the movie were of primary significance and played a significant role in the success of the movie. The mere fact that the titanic is a part of history whose story is known and whose fate has been written and taken place is more than the motivation that is needed to appreciate the movie as it progresses and portrays the titanic in all its splendor and glory as it does so.

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