Essay: Tom’s Hardware

Sample Essay

My third stop was Tom’s Hardware, where I discovered that the issue of hard disk detection was even more widely encountered than I had presumed after witnessing the user forum at Computing.Net (Bestofmedia Network, 2005). The advice I found on Tom’s Hardware however was one that I chose to go through after I had successfully installed Windows XP since I found next to no advice on the problem of no detection of hard drives before the installation.

I consider it necessary to mention at this point that I found no significant help on the Windows XP website at all. The Windows XP was continuously subjecting me to a marketing campaign as I found myself drawn to the immense number of options that Windows XP had to offer and the equivalent number of tutorials that the website was overflowing with.

In times like these, I discovered that the significance of this cottage industry is one that allows users to gain the knowledge that they need quickly and in a cost-efficient manner. The websites also allowed users to take advantage of various shareware and freeware software by either directly downloading it or  By doing so, these cottage industry websites allowed users to obtain cost effective technical support on Windows XP and other software while clearing the path for all the parties involved.

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