Essay: Tragedy of Hamlet

Sample Essay

Hamlet is one of Shakespeare’s most celebrated tragedies and can be very justly considered to be one of the few that have been subjected to the largest number of reenactments in the history of stage. The play is considered to be one that served to form the foundations of tragedies for uncountable tragedies to follow.

Shakespeare chose to name the play after the lead character Hamlet, who is the son of the late king of Denmark and has been apparently murdered by his brother, Claudius, who is after the throne and has married the late king’s wife soon after the King’s death. The late king’s son, prince hamlet, much like his mother, believes his father has died of natural causes and is left in a state of discontent and discomfort at the swiftness with which his mother has remarried. He is visited by the ghost of father who reveals the true cause of his demise and instructs prince hamlet to avenge his death. Hamlet is unsure of the ghost’s tale but after witnessing the reaction of his uncle, king Claudius, to a stage reenactment of the king’s death, he becomes certain that it is Claudius who has murdered his father and sets out to avenge his father’s death. However, as one goes through the play, one cannot help but hypothesize that the lead character, Prince Hamlet, is nothing more than a common man who is pushed by his surroundings to do all that he does.

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