Essay: Treatment of Tourette Syndrome

Sample Essay

The treatment basically involves management of the troubling symptoms the patient is enduring, some cases are mild in nature and do not need pharmacological treatment, but they do need psychological treatment, awareness and talk therapy are helpful in such cases. As there is no cure for Tourette’s syndrome, there is no universal medicine for it, help is needed to avoid social isolation, the patient must have full support and understanding from family, friends, school, Church and the surrounding community and neighbors.

The most important part of living with this disorder is social acceptance. Circumstantial evidence show that Mozart and Samuel Johnson had the Syndrome, both were, creators in their own fields despite  having Tourette’s syndrome, the personality and creativity how deeply are related to the Tourette Syndrome is yet to be assessed. Though there is no medicine as a cure for Tourette,  yet some medication can be given to decrease the frequency of the tics, these medications make the patient sleepy lethargic and ,they gain weight, sometimes medications can have negative affect and it is difficult to get a proper level of medicine that can control the symptoms.

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