Essay: Triumph of the Will

Sample Essay

While the film in itself presents no arguments or questions, one cannot help but feel that the mere existence of the film in the presence of the series of events that followed in the future symbolize irony in its truest sense (1935). From the very beginning, the massive German troops and the German people can be seen confident, self reliant and reassured of their development and future. However, if one was to attempt to identify precise arguments that the movie makes, then it is evident that the propaganda film does not address any arguments that oppose the idea of the greatness of Nazi Germany. Instead, any opposition to this idea appears to have been of little relevance when compared to the message that the film represented.
The message being transmitted to the audience is that Germany is strong and that the Nazi Party shall continue to lead Germany into conquest, victory and development in the future (1935). The propaganda encourages the Germans to have faith in the Nazi Party and to support the same in order to allow the progress of the development of Germany as a global power. More essentially, the propaganda film intended to communicate Adolf Hitler as the man responsible for Germany’s development and progress.

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