Essay: What are Troubleshooters in Computers

Sample Essay

Trouble shooters are special programs that operate by asking the user a number of questions in a sequence (Synergenics, LLC, 2008). These questions are designed to root out the problem that the user might be facing and the program usually functions by instructing the user on how to fix the problem once the problem has been identified by asking the user the sequential questions. In certain cases, some trouble shooters are designed to carry out a an analysis of the system in order to ascertain the nature of the problem and to instruct the user on how exactly the problem has to be solved without taking the user through a lengthy series of questions.

I decided to use no more than three websites in my search to determine the solution to my problem. I was referred to the these three websites by my peers who told me they had experienced problems with their computers in the past and were of the opinion that these websites could provide me with the solution my problem. The three websites that were brought into use and have been covered in this paper as well include:

1.PC Pitstop



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