Essay: Wars, Endless Wars

Sample Essay

In the article entitled Wars, Endless Wars, Bob Herbert discusses how the continuing American war policies in both Iraq and Afghanistan will continue to harm the economy in this period of recession. The arguments brought up by this article are not new or controversial rather they re-iterate what many Americans already know about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan in order to justify the writer’s main point of view. The main thesis of the article is that the wars in these countries are not economically feasible nor are they in any way beneficial to the United States and that we are continuing to fight them without having a clear picture of the outcome. Thus, we should abandon these wars for our own good.

The writer discusses the points in this article in chronological order while keeping a compound sentence structure. He also gives quotations to establish the conclusions he has made in light of the evidence presented. The writer never uses humor as it might distract from the issues he is trying to convey. He has further made his point by presenting relevant medical statistics to shed light on how continuing these policies will affect U.S. soldiers.

It must be noted however that the arguments given in this article are clearly one sided in favor of the United States. The article’s even tone and emotionally evocative manner is meant to convince its readers that withdrawal from both countries in favor of solving the economic crisis in the United States is the better option. But it fails to acknowledge how such a withdrawal will affect the countries in question. This is especially noticeable after the author mentions the ineptitude of Afghani president Hamid Karzai.

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