Essay: What is a Workaholic

Sample Essay

The word workaholic signifies the tendency of a person to indulge himself/herself in his/her work in a manner similar to that in which an alcoholic person indulges himself/herself in his/her in an the alcoholic beverage. It can also be surmised that a person workaholic is a person who harbors an uncontrollable tendency to continue working. It is believed that the very term workaholic, workaholic, was presented first by Oates around 1971 (Douglas).
However, workaholic is not the only term of its kind with other back-formation words such as chocoholic and sexoholic becoming increasingly common. Overtime, the term “workaholic” has become quite common in cases where individuals with a tendency to overexert themselves have to be described. The term, in layman use, is generally considered to be one that implies an unwanted extreme. This paper shall attempt to shed light on Workaholics under the objective that it is the positive connotations of the word that should be kept in mind when referring to it. Most of the connotations associated with the workaholic are of a positive nature.

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