Essay: Causes of Becoming a Workaholic

Sample Essay

It is perhaps because of these reasons that the term workaholic is considered to be nothing less than a compliment when given in the workplace. This especially holds true in the case when a manager refers to his/her subordinate as a workaholic. It is not uncommon to find a person attempting to praise another person by highlighting accomplishments and then rounding the compliment off by calling the person a workaholic.

Even though workaholics are often criticized for being either extremely introverted or extremely extroverted, workaholics generally show patterns of high levels of job satisfaction. This is because of the fact that an individual becomes a workaholic by choice. The workaholic channels a significant amount of time towards his/her work and generally chooses to plan other activities around the work schedule instead of maintain a balance between them. He/she considers work outside working hours and attempts to perform beyond the level that the employer demands from the organization, hence coming forth as nothing less than an asset for the organization.

An individual generally becomes a workaholic on account of the circumstantial variables of the environment. More than often, it is the persistence of the environmental variables that causes a person to reach a state of mind where he/she feels comfortable in being a workaholic. Therefore, a workaholic person generally appreciates his/her position and contribution to the organization within which he/she is employed.

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