Essay: Workaholics as an Asset to the Organization

Sample Essay

It is apparent from the above discussion that workaholic is a word that does not necessarily deserve the negative connotations that are generally associated with it. While workaholics come under extensive criticism on account of their somewhat introverted roles in society, it is apparent that they contribute extensively to the functioning of the society.

The fact that they do not require continuous supervision allows them to function without the prerequisite of having time and resources channeled towards them. Therefore, time and resources are saved as a result of the presence of workaholics. It can be concluded that the workaholic is self-motivated, efficient and dedicated to the job that the workaholic is given. He/she performs without giving room to any forms of compromise and therefore not only sustains their own performances but also manage to develop their abilities. The word workaholic therefore comes across as one that serves to reflect more of a positive set of attributes than the seemingly negative set of attributes.

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