Essay: Workaholics in Modern Day Society

Sample Essay

Workaholics frequently undergo criticism on account of their prioritization of work before family members. It is also taken that workaholics are more vulnerable to stress as a result of the continuous pressure that they choose to sustain upon themselves. As a result, the workaholic is considered to be deprived of any fulfilling form of social life and/or desire to maintain his/her health. It is also considered that workaholics become increasingly susceptible to developing psychological imbalances as a result of the workaholic’s inability to find time to associate their stress with a support system. A significant volume of literature can be found on the adverse implications of becoming a workaholic. Even more so significant is the fact that the term workaholic is considered to be one that generally implies towards a negative connotation.

However, the term is anything but negative in nature since workaholics find contentment in continuously working and they find satisfaction in considering their position as one that is part of a continuously functioning industry. Workaholics in modern day society are generally people who derive pleasure in continuous and often tedious work. Tendencies such as these lead the term workaholic to become favorable, preferred and positive trait. Through this positive connotation, the term workaholic can also be associated with a person who does not require supervision since his/her drive to perform leads him/her to perform to the very best of his/her abilities. The positive connotation also entails that the workaholic is focused towards the goals to be achieved and ensures complete compliance to ethical standards during his/her engagement in work. It is also considered that the workaholic harbors a tendency to exercise self-improvement and sincerity towards work that leads the workaholic towards continuous improvement.

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