Essay: Xaverian Chapter of the national Honor Society

Sample Essay

What would membership in the Xaverian Chapter of the national Honor Society mean to me?

When I consider what the membership in the Xaverian Chapter of the National Honor Society would mean to me. I find that I do not have a simple answer to this question. When I consider what the society represents to other people however, answers begin to flood my mind. Some individuals would use it as a stepping stone to achieve great success in their lives. Other students may simply join because it is their lifelong goal to be a member of such a society.

In my case however, I do not believe I do not see the society as simply an accomplishment or a matter of pride to be worn. In my mind I simply see it as a place where I can make the most use of my talents to better aid my fellow man. In my mind, I know that being a member of this society does not only afford me a representation of my accomplishments. I also believe it will also allow me the opportunity to grow as an individual. To learn more about the world around me, to prepare me for the challenges I have yet to face in life. I truly believe my experiences in this society will help me to clear the way for others who have not been as fortunate as I have.

I realize from reading my own words, how such thoughts may be construed to be naïve. However, I know my participation in this society will allow me to gain the knowledge and experience I will need to meet, to confront any obstacle which comes before me. I truly believe all this not due to any achievement I may have attained. But because I know within myself that this is the course I wish to pursue and excel in.

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