Essay: Five Years Four Fronts by Georg Grossjohann

Sample Essay

Five Years Four Fronts follows the life of one soldier before the start of World War two and follows it to its end. The book though following the life of a single soldier is also broader in its perspective in a way giving a viewpoint of the entire battlefield. The battles discussed are not individualized but rather have a place in the context of the entire war. However the author does not get trapped by unnecessary details, nor does he spend his time praising or apologizing for the side he was on during the war. He does not illicit any anger or rage from the reader rather simply states the facts as he knows it as honestly as he possibly can giving the reader a true glimpse into the perspective of the German side. Though the book does stay in the realm of the viewpoint of a lowly officer and does not advance from there but the historical accounts provided are still fascinating. The preface written by T.C Mataxis starts the reader off with the impression that this is not just another recount of the same tale rather it is one which demands the respect and attention of the reader.

The descriptions of the men in this book, as well as their opinions towards their leaders are quite enlightening. The daily culture of the Wehrmact service is also very, very interesting and illuminating. All of this is supplemented by the man’s incredibly timely use of humor which is neither reservedly Prussian nor as Disciplined as a Nazi. However what he fails to do is give a clear account of each military campaign. This makes the book more about the life of a German officer rather than a memoir focusing on the field of combat (Grossjohann, 1999).

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