Importance of Research Methodology


Research methodologies are a very important element of any research analysis. Research has its own place and it has been given a very important status for the reason that it helps in developing a proper conclusion of the whole research. The ultimate objective of a research process is to systematically investigate and the attainment of knowledge towards a particular subject. In today’s dynamic and competitive business world most of the organizations conduct research to get a better understanding about the environment which ultimately leads them towards effective decision making.

The selection of the correct medium of research is a very critical aspect of the research reason being the whole research the findings and the conclusions are dependent on this section.  The important thing to remember is that there are lots of methods which can be used to do the same job but the appropriate method is the medium which best suited for your paper and the medium which has the capability of answering all the aspects of the research questions (Creswell 2008).

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