Length of an Effective Essay

Sample Essay

There is also the fact that different teachers possess differing concepts about the length that an effective essay should span. Some teachers may insist that it is essential for an essay to be long if it is to cover the relevant parts of a subject and is meant to do so concretely, while other teachers may be of the opinion that unless a student is capable of summarizing the essential aspects of a subject together, the student is still at a phase in the study of that subject where further study is required.

In terms of the student’s perception, if a generalization is exercised which pertains along the lines that students wish to avoid writing long essays, then it is deducible that an essay of 1,000 words would indeed help to make the students research in to the subject to an extent where the knowledge required has been accumulated. However, if the essay is on a subject upon which students have already researched into extensively and the credibility of their research has been proven through graded assessments, then the case may be somewhat different.

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