Literature Review on Advertising

Like other countries advertising has played its role in UK too and brands of UK are transformed into successful brands just because of powerful advertising campaigns. Different aspect and major scenarios of advertising in UK are discussed below:

The supremacy of Anglo-Saxon group over the advertising arena is slowly and gradually decreasing and newer countries are developing effective strategies that are beneficial for different organizations in both the short and the long run. In the current era the advertising hype is moving from US and UK to Latin countries. Organizations are looking beyond London and North America for ad agencies. Spain, Argentina and Brazil are the countries that provide creative help to multinational organizations in developing their campaigns. The famous mobile roaming campaign was created by the ad agency of Tapsa across 19 European markets. Similarly another giant Unilever appointed Lowe Worldwide to handle their ad affairs to magnum (ice-cream). Lowe is basically a Madrid based organization (Benady 2008).

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