Literature Review on Change Management


Modern day organizations are giving increasing levels of importance to change management in an attempt to become stronger and more developed in the face of increasing international competition (Fahy, 2001). This trend is not only prevalent across solely commercial enterprises but can also be found in academic institutions as well. This is because of the fact that the increasing competition calls for increased levels of research and development to which educational institutions must cater (Haskins, 2001). The role of universities is perhaps the most major in this regard since high level research and development is channeled through these establishments, supported by them or carried out by them.

Change in the scenario of a university is a highly sensitive matter since the discussion of the matter is one that can be expected to incorporate anything from a change in curriculum to a complete revamping of values, missions and goals. In this regard, the implications of change in the setting of a university can be expected to have extensive implications on the teaching staff, non-teaching staff and the administrative staff of the university. In this regard, the organizational culture plays a significant role in the application of change in universities.

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