Literature Review on Human Resource Management

Human resource management is one of the most important elements of the overall management in an organisation which deals with the most important and worthy assets of an organisation which are people who work as individuals and groups to accomplish the organisational objectives. The main objective of human resource management is to achieve aims and goals through employees. The personnel requirement with the development and training of these personnel are main issues related to human resource management. Human resource management is primarily focussed on achieving excellent performance of the organisation through people by implementing techniques to motivate these people in displaying excellent performance (Armstrong 2003).

The literature review chapter covers the various books, articles, reports and websites reviewed for understanding and analysing the concepts of human resource management. The different sections of this chapter incorporate previous researches and studies performed in human resource management, the importance of human resource management and its application in companies especially in India. The literature reviewed in this chapter establishes a strong foundation for the researcher to carry out extensive research. The chapter includes theories, definitions, policies and systems introduced and analysed by several previous researchers and practitioners. The chapter starts with an analysis of sources on the techniques of human research management and their impact on employee satisfaction. The various techniques of achieving customer satisfaction especially with reference to employee satisfaction and human resource policies are discussed in the chapter. The practices and policies being generally implemented in India are also discussed in this chapter to get an overview of the overall human resource management techniques. Specific techniques applied by the Ford India and Toyota India companies being applied by human resource managers are also analysed at the end of the chapter.

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