Mass Media and Teenagers Essay

Mass Media and Teenagers Essay – Researchers have discovered a direct link between exposure to violent media and aggressive behavior among youths in high-risk groups.

By the middle of the 20th century, almost 50% of Americans had access to television. Today, 99% of American families have a TV in their house. In the bedrooms of many teens, there are televisions and laptops. This fact frequently causes unrestrained TV viewing.

Mass Media and Teenagers Essay

According to experts, adolescents watch television for roughly 28 hours each week. Most teenagers spend less time in school than they do enjoying TV shows. The average American youngster, according to Beresin, “will see more than 200,000 acts of violence, including more than 16,000 killings before the age of 18.”

Television shows feature roughly 812 violent acts every hour, according to data. Furthermore, even children’s television shows like cartoons air roughly 20 instances of abusive conduct per hour.

Children and teens mimic the actions they see in movies and role-play them with their peers. Children under the age of four cannot tell the difference between the images of real-world events and those shown in movies and cartoons.

This may cause them to view violent acts as the exception rather than the rule. Beresin focuses on using violence as a common response to difficult day-to-day circumstances.

Many well-known movies and video games include crazy and aggressive main characters. They own a gun and utilize it during fights. Furthermore, they receive rewards for their abnormal actions.

As a result, the aforementioned behavior has come to represent appropriate behavior for contemporary teenagers. Then, any proposal is presented to the kids. They lose empathy for the pain of others.