Movie Review: Caramel

Over time, Arab cinema has come to a point where it has learnt countless lessons from western cinemas and has successfully elaborated extensively upon the most sensitive of issues of society. Movies such as these include the 2008 All My Life by Maher Sabry which explores the life of a gay man in Egypt (Sabry, 2008), the 2006 Bahraini Tale by Bassam Al Thawadi which explores the life of a middle class family that is stranded in the 1967 Arab-Israeli War (Thawadi, 2006) and the 2007 Caramel by Nadine Labaki which elaborates upon the lives of five different women whose lives are riddled with the most complex of circumstances.

The 2007 Lebanese movie, Caramel is an Arabic motion picture and is Director/Actress Nadine Labaki’s directorial debut. It is considered to be one of the most acclaimed movies on the international level and takes the audience through the story of five Lebanese women as they struggle with the deepest desires of their hearts.

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