Movie Review: Woyzeck

Woyzeck is a tragedy that centers on the extreme depths of poverty and the implications of poverty that prevail in society. Directed, produced and written by Werner Herzog, Woyzeck is a tragedy that is one of the rare few that does not seem to be meant to have a happy ending but to instigate a storm of thought and pondering in the audience (Kinski, Mattes and Reichmann). The audience feels frustrated and there is a lingering sense of incompletion because of the fact that the few elements that had honest desires in heart suffered the most.

The main character, Woyzeck, seems to spend a large amount of time pondering things over and contemplating upon the odds that surround him. He is more than merely trouble by the series of events that surround him and seems to get caught up in a trail of events that he had never thought he would have to face.

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