Opinion Essay- Major in Success by Patrick Combs and Jack Canfield

Sample Essay

The book under review in this paper is that was written by Patrick Combs and Jack Canfield. The book was written and is generally recommended for students and attempts to provide readers with an organized and rational approach towards career and academic choices (Combs & Canfield, 2007). The book allows the reader to explore his/her own capabilities and allows the reader to put them into perspective to acquire a clear picture of the capabilities and prime interests that the individual harbors. By doing so, the book contributes to the development of a person’s understanding of the manner in which he/she can become a part of the corporate world in their most productive form.

A light overview of the book is more than sufficient to allow a reviewer to deduce that the writers have taken on an encouraging approach and have attempted to show the reader an optimistic view of the possibilities that exist (Combs & Canfield, 2007).

The book is divided into three parts. The first part is titled Dream Job, the second part is titled Action Plan and the third part is titled High Octane (Combs & Canfield, 2007). In sequence, the book attempts to provide the reader with an introductory pep talk of sorts, the proceeds to encourage the reader to carry out proactive thinking and finally encourages the reader to take the developmental thinking into a more accelerated phase.

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